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Top #Salespeople of All-Time: Ruth Handler


Ruth Handler was an American inventor and business woman. Her most famous invention is something that is in almost every home across America, the Barbie.

Ruth’s husband and his business partner formed a small company manufacturing picture frames, calling it “Mattel”. This was the basis for the popular toy company today after they began using the scraps from the manufacturing process to create dollhouse furniture. They found this more profitable than the frames, and concentrated on toy manufacturing.

When on vacation in Germany, Ruth noticed a gag gift that she later reworked into the original Barbie design after noticing the limitations that young girls had playing with paper dolls. While the Barbie doll was not an immediate success, Mattel invested heavily in TV commercials and ad campaigns, launching both the product and the company into fame and fortune.

Today, Mattel has over 28,000 employees with a net worth of $5.9 Billion commanding a dominant 17% share of the Toy market.

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