Top #Salespeople of All-Time: Erica Feidner


Erica Feidner has been regarded as the Piano Matchmaker, having successfully matched over 1,200 clients with pianos. Erica is a trusted adviser to musicians everywhere and prides herself in matching artists to their instruments.

Erica was the top sales representative for Steinway & Sons worldwide for eight consecutive years, selling over $41 million dollars in pianos. She was able to overcome the roadblocks in creating a sales message that appeals for both first-time purchasers who are hesitant to make the purchase, and experienced players looking for a constant companion.

Feidner has the ability change her sales approach to suit the stage at which her prospective purchase is approaching the sale. She meshes her skill as a piano teacher, which her business acumen and piano knowledge.

In 2014, she joined the world’s top piano retailer, the Faust Harrison Pianos. Erica Feidner believes that each piano has a unique soul, that is why it is significant to know what a client longs for.

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One response to “Top #Salespeople of All-Time: Erica Feidner

  1. Thank you for the great PR!!
    Sincerely, Erica vanderLinde Feidner

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