Beware the #SophomoreSlump


It’s a force of nature that many feel coming for weeks, the eventual slump. It may come after weeks of high productivity, or maybe right when you need to get everything done before your annual vacation. Sometimes, making a positive change in your work ethic seems difficult and it can be near impossible to adjust your vibe.

So how do you get that energy and motivation back so that you can get to closing deals again?

Have one clear goal in mind. When you are already struggling to find that motivation, it can be hard not to get too overzealous with your goals. Sit down and focus on what is important for you to start right away and make it your only goal. Once the ball is rolling again, start to tackle more.

Find inspiration. Find inspiration in whatever you can. Is it a financial dream? A trip you’ve always wanted to take? Whatever motivates you to start closing deals again is a great thing to focus on.

Get excited about moving again. Everyone has heard the saying, “Fake it until you make it.” Sometimes some false enthusiasm is enough to create the real thing. Get excited about every morning, and carry that energy through your day.

If you have a specific goal, tell everyone you know. No one wants to be embarrassed in front of his or her friends. If you have an attainable goal lined up, now is the time to tell the world. If you don’t do it, you’ll be embarrassed.

Think about your goal everyday. If your goal never leaves your mind, it doesn’t give you the opportunity to be ok with not attaining it.

Realize that sometimes motivation comes in cycles. Everyone’s brain schedule works in mysterious ways. While you may not work well on Monday mornings, you could be the lone dynamo working over the weekend. Motivation ebbs and flows, but it’s managing the slumps that makes you an efficient employee.

Stick with it. It seems simple to say, but don’t give up on your goals when you feel yourself start to slip. Understand why you’re slipping and readjust your plan.

Slumps happen to the best of us; it’s just working through the low spells and managing how you push through. If you’re in a slump now, take the mental time to figure out why and put together a plan that will keep you from going back down that road again.

For any Recruiters who are currently moving through that ever-present slow patch, feel free to join our Recruiter Breakroom. Talk to other Recruitment Professionals about they’re working through their downtime and what keeps them motivated!


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