An Industry Full of Big Personalities – #Recruiting

The best part of recruiting is that this is an industry where I feel completely at home being myself. This is an industry full of big personalities and quirky characters. I think that as recruiters, our genuine personalities and quirky characteristics are what help us relate to candidates and clients across the board.

Our likeable personalities are a direct correlation to our success in this industry. It’s what helps me get referrals from candidates and allows people to open up so that I can do my job with more information.


So what is it exactly that makes recruiters so irresistible (ok, maybe just likeable)?


Recruiters ask questions. The biggest mistake that people make when it comes to talking to other is that they’re so focused on their own point or their own idea of how the conversation should be going that they dominate the conversation. Recruiters ask lots of questions because they want to know as much as they can about a client or candidate. I always say that recruiters shouldn’t be individuals when talking to other people, but rather a mirror so that they can get a more accurate sense of the person sitting in front of them.


For the most part, Recruiters are very genuine people. Being a genuine person is important to being a likeable person with a great personality. No one wants to talk to a used car salesman and people gravitate towards those who they feel they can trust.


All of the independent recruiters that I work with on a day-to-day basis are amazing recruiters with personal branding that shows off exactly who they are as people and they stay true to that personal brand almost unapologetically. If you’re happy with yourself, then others will feel that energy and send it back to you tenfold.


Great Recruiters don’t pass judgment. This is not to say that Recruiters don’t ever make judgment calls using their personal filters, but they are approachable at all levels of industry. Recruiting is a business of profiling, but recruiters are always willing to listen and have a conversation with someone without immediately forming a hard opinion on that person’s career or business choices.


Recruiters aren’t attention seekers. Oftentimes, I refer to myself as the person behind the curtain because as a headhunter we are invisible in any organization. I know more about most businesses before I walk through their doors than the people who work there on a day-to-day basis. You don’t need to have a big, boisterous personality as a recruiter to get ahead, in fact this kind of behaviour will be a detriment to your business.


If you’re genuine in what you say and you appreciate the help you receive from those around you, people will be more apt to help you in the future.


Good Recruiters let others be the experts. I tell people that everyone you meet can teach you something, accept this lesson. Instead of having a spitting contest with everyone you meet, great recruiters accept the help of those in other industries to get information that is essential in completing a placement. Tell people you need help, tell them that their background impresses you, and tell them that you are dying to work with their business. A little vulnerability in recruiting can be a great way to attract top performers and new clients.


Do you think you’re a likeable recruiter? Or is your personality different from what I’ve outlined. At the very least, take this fun quiz from Buzzfeed and see if you’re actually likeable or not. I think some of you might be surprised. HA (I’m just kidding)!


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