Though Canada is my home, I have always stayed true to my American roots. Living in Boston to start my career, it was almost impossible not to be a baseball fan, no not a baseball fan, but a Red Sox fan. But something about the Toronto Blue Jays has me inspired this year.

After back-to-back championships in 1992-1993 the Blue Jays have not since made playoffs. Four days ago, the Blue Jays clinched a second wild-card spot after a win against the Rays ending the longest playoff drought in North American sports. But surprisingly, the unusually optimistic Toronto sports fans didn’t even notice.

No, today is the day that all Toronto sports fans have been waiting patiently for since that World Series win 22 years ago.

It’s finally clinch day in Toronto, and the magic number is now 1. With a double header this afternoon against the Baltimore Orioles, the Jays will (most likely) earn themselves the AL East.

I may be a Red Sox fan, but it’s hard not to be excited about Baseball history being made in our own backyard. We will have the games on in our office, will you?




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