Curta Expands Recruitment Team With New Engagement Manager

Seasoned Recruitment Professional Vivian Rojas Joins Recruitment Team to Help Break Ground Across North America

Curta is proud to announce that Vivian Rojas has joined our growing team. Vivian will work as an engagement manager out of the Curta’s Canadian offices.

“I have worked with Vivian previously at Volt and she has been one of closest friends so I already know what she brings to the table,” says Rebecca Sargeant, CEO of Curta. “Her drive, energy and focus is invaluable to both clients and candidates, and is an enormous part of what has made her so successful. I’m very happy that she has decided to be part of the team and look forward to having her passion on board as we continue to break ground across North America.”

With over five years of experience in full-cycle recruitment and administration, Vivian is consistently working hard to create a great match for both clients and candidates. Her primary objective as a recruiter and main passion in her career is to find the best talent for her clients through direct recruitment, building a solid network across many industries, and providing excellent customer service.

She has joined the recruitment team at Curta as they continue to break ground in the United States, offering recruitment opportunities in locations across America including Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to join the Curta family,” says Vivian, Curta’s newest Engagement Manager, “A big thank you to Rebecca and her team for welcoming me with a wonderful lunch on Tuesday afternoon, and I am looking forward to sharing my talent with the team as we continue to grow.”  

Reach out to Vivian to find out how she can further your career and grow your business.


About Curta

Curta specializes in the training, placement, and coaching of Recruitment Professionals across all industries and sectors.

Curta offers the only Recruitment Training Program that certifies Recruiters when they have demonstrated the implementation of the training through revenue generation. Certified Curta Recruiters are providing a more sophisticated service to both clients and candidates by being thought leaders in the Recruitment industry. Certified Curta Recruiters are filling more openings, being offered higher personal incomes, and commanding a higher rate from clients across all sectors.



Telephone: 617.396.4450


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