Is Email Dying? – No It’s Just Not Winning the Race

I seriously just got a handle on social media, am an expert on my Blackberry, and have become dependent on my email. But now they’re saying that email is dead?

When Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz ran the company’s engineering team, he complained that email often passed along information that was no longer relevant and was just filling up his inbox, “I would spend weeks collecting information about the state of the world,” he says, “And by the end it would be a couple of weeks out of date.” (WIRED)


Subsequently, all of my staff is trying to move me away from email and onto the multitude of apps that are trying to replace it, but I just don’t want to! Apps like Asana, Slack, and SnapChat are trying to pull group chat into one place but it’s just not effective for me!

After speaking with Recruiters across the industry, we’re finding that many independents are moving to text messaging to communicate with candidates and clients alike. This seems like all the benefits of email, with none of the excuses.

While these apps trying to promote communication do well in a team environment, let’s face it, email comes in handy when you need to make last minute contact with a client or candidate. Text messaging? Even better. How many times have you shot off an email to a candidate just to have them pretend that they didn’t receive it, or it didn’t arrive? That excuse no longer exists when you move to text messaging.

Everybody has texting capabilities on their phone. My Blackberry Curve may be over six years old, but guess what I can still text on it. I may not be able to receive emails, but texting will always work.

It’s less intrusive than asking a client, candidate, or team member to download an app to their phone. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about it not being compatible with your Windows phone.

There is a sense of urgency attached to a text message. If you send a text, you will almost always receive a response. We have a social media manager whose phone is attached to her hip with texts being pushed to her computer. I know that if I send her a message, I will get an almost instantaneous response.

There are no excuses. There are no spam filters to get stuck in; there is no excuse for you to have not seen my messages.

I know all of the benefits, can see how it will work for me better than email in many situations but come on, I just got used to Outlook! What do you use primarily as a communication tool? Let us know on our Facebook group!


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