Who’s on Your Fantasy Team?

Our Social Media Manager is a big football fan and for the first time this year she has decided to play Fantasy Football.

Now I don’t know much about what’s going on in the league right now, let alone Fantasy Football. I however did hear her head the desk in the back room of our office with an audible groan. It turns out she missed the draft for her league and ended up with a bunch of players that she wouldn’t have picked if she had actually attended.

I couldn’t help but laugh and immediately see my 20 years of experience speaking with business owners and clients flash before my eyes.

She got no sympathy from me; instead I asked her, “You’ve worked for a recruiter for almost five years now, how did you get it so wrong?”


Then I laid it out for her.

First of all, she set an interview when she joined the league. Even though it can be a little bit abstract stick with me here. She set the interview and then missed it. Because she missed the interview, she has no top performers on her team. All of the top performers went to her competition because they actually made it to the interview!

She knew what she wanted on her team, but did no preparation beforehand and ended up with a team she will have to struggle with for an entire season. How many times have you had a client know explicitly who and what they want, and then not do any preparation to attract that top performer?

Now she is whining because she is stuck with someone named Ryan Tannehill as her Quarterback and is struggling to salvage the rest of her roster. Instead of having a top producer and getting some easy numbers from a veteran she will have to play more strategically than her competition to scrape up some wins.

Our Social Media Manager will now have to scrounge around on the waivers and try to put together some slick trades with the advice from those who have a couple of Fantasy seasons under their belts (aka a seasoned recruiter, anyone?).

Imagine, this 22-year old playing Fantasy Football is exactly like some of your clients but instead of points, your clients are playing with million-dollar billers and blowing them up the same way.

Did You Know?

Curta not only trains Recruiters, but also leads the industry in the placement of Recruiters.

We have great relationships with agencies across North America and are happy to consult with you about your Recruiting Career.

Call Rebecca Sargeant directly at (617) 396-4450.


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