Time to Celebrate Those Little Wins

To a Recruiter, a placement is a win. It’s an uphill battle to find that candidate and to present to the client, but when you finally get up to the top of that mountain it’s tantamount to a podium.

You have entered the Winner’s Circle, you’re riding the high off that win, but the moment is fleeting.

You still have open reqs, and need to get more candidates into your pipeline. Your win was a single firework in a ten-minute show.

Imagine a racehorse winning the Kentucky Derby, and instead of having the roses laid across his withers, he’s still running around the track after the race.

Take the time to celebrate your wins, or you’ll never have the energy or ambition to go out there and win again.


Put Together Some Easy Wins

If you’ve just found your purple squirrel, or closed a req with a particularly difficult client, celebrate that big win and work on something simple. Maybe your desk got a little bit messy during a stressful week. Work on reorganizing your office for a morning, or updating your spreadsheet.

An easy win allows you to keep the self-confidence that you just got from your big win, instead of allowing another week of grinding with no traction defeat you in the blink of an eye.

Get Your Perspective Back

Say you just got that big win and immediately took on another large project. If you’re feeling like you’re failing take a step back and put that feeling into context. Take an aerial picture of your career, or even the past couple of months. How many successes lead you to where you are right now in your career?

Think about how many times you’ve won the game, how many people you passed in the race so far. Is that failure really so bad?

Dress for Success

Go buy some new shoes, or polish your old ones. Curl your hair, or spritz some cologne on your wrist. If you look good, you feel good. Doesn’t winning feel good? Dress like you’re going to be accepting your award this evening. The better you feel, the more confidence you’ll retain from that last win.

Remember That You’re an Expert

Everyone is good at something, it’s not everyday that recruiters get to flex their muscles for an audience. Do you know a lot about dog training? Maybe someone asked a question about your favourite sport.

Explaining something that you are passionate about, or that you understand on an above average level gives you a position of power even if it’s fleeting. It’s a boost of confidence to be needed for information, so take advantage of all that trivia floating around in your head every now and then.

Enjoying and celebrating a win is having the confidence to know that it will happen again and not letting yourself get bogged down in the failure when you try to replicate that experience. Confidence is not the same as arrogance where you believe you are better than you are, but knowing that you have a realistic self-assessment and perspective on not only your career but also yourself.

So go have a drink, listen to some music, chat with your friends, you deserve it!

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