I Don’t Train Hiring Managers, I Fix Them

All of the hiring managers that I’ve met are really great at their job. They are effective managers and great leaders; but not so good at hiring.

Many of the hiring managers that I’ve worked with don’t understand the challenges in the marketplace, or the process that most recruiters take when looking for the perfect candidate. Hiring managers are great managers, but most don’t work with recruiters effectively.

The communication and cooperation between the hiring managers and recruiters, and sometimes even HR, becomes a barrier so information gets lost along the line. This means that the level of quality expected from a candidate ranges adversely from manager to manager. There are managers who communicate their job requirements well, and there managers who don’t. None of this is a reflection on their skill as a manager, but rather their ability to communicate with their recruiter.

Fixing a Hiring Manager comes down to a fundamental understanding of the recruiting process and what your business actually needs. Make sure that your hiring manager has a clear understanding of how they should interview for this role, and what they should be looking for when screening resumes. Clear guidelines should set up when planning for the role and writing the job description, not to mention company branding and candidate experience becomes an essential aspect to manage.

Everything revolves around communication and how to speak effectively with recruiters. You don’t need to train a hiring manager; they already know what they’re doing. Just iron out the kinks so that you can find the right people to build the business.

David MandarFor over six years, Curta has been taking the guesswork out of Recruiter Training, and strives to achieve consistent training across the Recruiting Industry.

As of April, we have officially kicked off our 2015 Spring Training programs. Of the hundreds of Recruitment Professionals that Curta has trained, many have gone on to be top performers with their organizations. Join our mailing list for more information about upcoming training sessions and coaching openings.


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