Build Your Agency from the Bottom Up – Free Webinar!

Curta is presenting Build it From the Ground Up, a free webinar focused on moving from just your desk to an entire agency.

The webinar will be on Friday May 15th from 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. EST with limited registration space available.

Jeff Chaponick, the CEO of MAC Executive Recruiters, will be on hand answering your questions about how he took his business from the ground floor to a team of 100 Recruiters. In 2015, MAC will be on track to bill enough to climb into the top 10% of recruiting firms.

Jeff will be welcoming questions from other independent business owners about growing their own agencies and expanding into 2015. All questions must be submitted ahead of time to Rebecca Sargeant, who will be moderating the call. Please submit all questions to before the webinar date.

Join the webinar at this link.

22c88caJeff Chaponick was in the garbage business and sold his company to Waste Management, retiring to Florida at 33. Six months into his very boring retirement, Jeff met the owner of a new Management Recruiters International (MRI) franchise who helped Jeff start his recruiting career.

Jeff became a top 10 (out of 5000) recruiter for MRI globally and was then recruited to join the Lucas Group. Jeff did this for several years until he decided to form his own firm in 2002. Since then, MAC has acquired a team with more than 100 years of experience among its managers alone, and has doubled, even tripled, in size year-to-year.


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