You’re a Recruiter, Not a Used Car Salesman

There is a split in this industry; the people who chase a job req and the recruiters who care about growing a candidate’s career. I like to think I’m the latter.

As a recruiter and a business owner, I operate on honesty and trust. If I help you grow personally and professionally, you help advance my career. It is reciprocation in its purest form. I am not looking to jam the first suitable candidate I find into a job position that they are not interested in. If I have your best interests in mind then I build my brand on integrity and trust, instead of cheesy sales tactics. I am not a used car salesman, but a recruiter.

If I call a potential candidate, I’m not selling a job that isn’t suited to their lifestyle. If this potential candidate has a sick mother and four children to care for I’m not pitching the opening I have halfway across the world.

Ask if they’re looking to advance their career. If they are open to moving their career along, then slowly ask what their dream job would entail. If their next step is to a job that involves a lot of travelling and they’re looking to see the world, then tell them about the opening you have in Hong Kong.

It only takes 30% of the recruiting industry doing it badly before they give everyone a bad name. Bad hunters shoot at squirrels, purple squirrels. If you’re looking for big game, don’t fire your gun without thinking.

In our industry, it’s not about chasing req’s. It’s about helping businesses and candidates meet personal and financial goals. Recruiters build the workforce and develop businesses through staffing.

David MandarFor over six years, Curta has been taking the guesswork out of Recruiter Training, and strives to achieve consistent training across the Recruiting Industry.

As of April, we have officially kicked off our 2015 Spring Training programs. Of the hundreds of Recruitment Professionals that Curta has trained, many have gone on to be top performers with their organizations. Join our mailing list for more information about upcoming training sessions and coaching openings.


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