This Isn’t About You…

Everyone lies.

We all lie just to get through the day. It’s the lubrication of life.

If all of us didn’t tell the occasional white lie, society wouldn’t function as a unit.

Your candidate will ultimately lie to you. They will lie on an application, or they’ll lie on their resume. Don’t take it personally; it’s not about you. As far as your candidate is concerned, you are a stepping-stone to their dream job.

However, don’t let the lie go. If you think that your candidate may not be truthful, you need to address it. A small lie will be a big deal if your candidate makes it all the way through the hiring process. Your candidates are your brand, you don’t want to a client to have a bad experience with your dishonest candidate.

It doesn’t matter how perfect a candidate is, if you are not upfront about their past there will never be a positive outcome.

Good headhunting is never personal. It’s not about you!

rebecca_smallFor over six years, Curta has been taking the guesswork out of Recruiter Training, and strives to achieve consistent training across the Recruiting Industry.

As of April, we have officially kicked off our 2015 Spring Training programs. Of the hundreds of Recruitment Professionals that Curta has trained, many have gone on to be top performers with their organizations. Join our mailing list for more information about upcoming training sessions and coaching openings.


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