No More Guesswork With Recruiter Training, Just Profit

As someone who headhunts Recruiters I will be the first to tell you that Jr. Recruiters aren’t coming out of the big agencies with the same training anymore. You can’t rely on the big agencies to teach your Jr. Recruiters the basics.

It’s more important than ever to take the guesswork out of your internal training, especially for new hires.

Stop relying on work experience to teach your new hires.

All of our training programs are based on a combined fifty years of hands on experience running a profitable desk and business in Recruiting and Staffing. Our training goes beyond just using a single formula for success. The methodology that we use explains how and why different formulas work, then assists in designing a personal and workable success formula.

Of the hundreds of Recruitment Professionals Curta has trained using our Recruiter Training programs, many of those that passed with a grade of 80% or higher have quickly become Top Performers.  Furthermore, many business owners that send new hires report that by Friday afternoon, the students are fully trained and can handle a workload equal to recruiters who have finished a three-month internal training program.

As of April 2015 we have officially kicked off our 2015 Spring Training programs and since it’s the beginning of the year, I am sure that this class will fill up quickly. Our five-day interactive Rookie Training Program teaches the foundations of headhunting, with your new hires learning in the mornings and back at their desk in the afternoon.

By the middle of the week new Recruiters are headhunting candidates and by the end of the week they are presenting candidates.  With our curriculum and training approach Business Owners are reporting back a higher than normal success rate with their internal hires

rebecca_smallWe are gearing up our 2015 Spring Training with our Recruiter Foundational Training Program. Our next session is April 13-17, contact myself for more information about this training opportunity! To check out the brochure click here or register right now via PayPal.


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