Six Easy Ways to Build Your Business

It takes 10,000 hours to make a Recruiting Expert. Since no one has figured out how to speed up time, Recruitment Professionals spend a lot of time putting their hand on the burner, stubbing their toes, and scraping their knees. They are learning from mistakes, but many become discouraged along the way.

A basic training session with your team of Recruiters can make you money after just a week of learning. Instead of micro-managing your team, free up everyone’s time and have your Recruiters working for themselves.

  1. Reduce Your Recruiter Turnover – Investing in your Recruiters will make them interested in developing their skills and growing their careers with you instead of competitors.
  1. Increase Productivity – If Recruiters know what they are doing and are properly trained; the Company’s productivity will increase with more efficient Recruiters. The potential talent that you hired will become more than just potential, and develop into your top performers.
  1. Increase Ability to Incorporate New Tools and Technologies – Keeping up to date with technology is a constant battle. Ensuring that you and your Recruiters are current with tools and technology will enable your organization to stay on the forefront of productivity.
  1. Assisting Recruiters to Take on More Responsibilities – Would you allow a 17 year old to drive a car with no instruction? Why would companies promote people to new positions without teaching them the necessary skills? Training for newly promoted Recruiters is both beneficial to the company and the Recruiters in terms of productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency.
  1. Enhance your Company Image – Reputation to both our industry colleagues and our clients is becoming increasingly more important. With the explosion of social media, a candidate having a bad experience with your recruiter can ruin your reputation faster than you can hit “Share”. On the flip side, gaining an accreditation such as “Top 100 Employer” can be prestigious in terms of promoting your organization and ensuring that people would like to work for you and with you.
  1. Networking Opportunity and Increased Visibility – Sending your Recruiter to an off-site workshop host by your clients with earn you brownie points with everyone. The Recruiter will be networking and building relationships with potential clients and candidates. That same Recruiter will also feel more empowered with the knowledge they have learned and your organization may have an “in” that no one else has.

Training is the one thing that as a business owner you have complete control over, but the one thing that we invest the least amount of our time developing. If you truly want to increase profits, then it is time to invest in a good training program. Implemented correctly, I can guarantee you that there will be more upsides than just these six reasons.

rebecca_smallFor over six years, Curta has been taking the guesswork out of Recruiter Training, and strives to achieve consistent training across the Recruiting Industry.

As of April, we have officially kicked off our 2015 Spring Training programs. Of the hundreds of Recruitment Professionals that Curta has trained, many have gone on to be top performers with their organizations. Our next session is April 13-17 to teach Recruiting Fundamentals, contact myself for more information about this training opportunity. Click here for the brochure or here to Register Today.


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