4 Quick Ways To Find ‘Job Reqs’

by David Mandar

Find job reqs


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Pick up new business fast

So it’s been another busy week. You placed a couple candidates while a few others did not make the cut. You look at your desk and realize that every requirement has either been closed, filled or already has enough candidates to fill the pipeline. You have no new business. So, now what?

If you want something to work on, you will have to go get it. How do you drum up new business fast? Here are 4 easy ways to pick up leads that I use to create new business quickly:

1. Call your existing clients. This one is straight forward. Take the opportunity to reach out to clients whom you already have connections with. You may not have successfully filled one of their positions yet, but you have worked on requirements for them. Remember, don’t jump in right away with, “Hey! You have anything I can work on?” Instead, get caught up, build on the relationship. Even go so far as to asking them out for coffee or lunch plus invite other hiring managers along. This will increase the chances of picking up new business across the entire organization. If you don’t pick up any new requirements at least you worked on the relationship and maybe made new contacts.

2. Contact recent prospect companies. Make those dreaded “Cold Calls” again, but this time they will probably remember your name from a voicemail or a past conversation. Again, work on the relationship. Get caught up on what their company is doing. Ask what their short term business goals are and how you may be able to help with perm or contract staff options.

3. Connect with active candidates. Reach out to candidates who are actively looking for new opportunities. Get up to date on their search and find out where they have interviewed recently and/or which companies to their knowledge is hiring. This should be done on a regular basis as part of your business development research. These are not always the best leads, but will give you an idea of who is hiring and for what positions. Getting hiring managers’ names will help in connecting with the prospects.

4. Check Social Media. If you don’t already know, most if not all of the user groups on social media sites like LinkedIn have areas where the members can post job requirements. If the position is posted by the company’s management or HR, they may not have a recruitment team and may need your help. Reach out and offer it. This is better than looking at postings on Monster/Workopolis/Dice, etc., as you can actually see the person who is posting the position. When you reach out, remember to pick up the phone. Don’t try to do this through e-mail (and remember spamming laws like CASL). It’s just like cold calling, but with something to talk about.

Finally, if you find yourself in this situation, you probably haven’t been spending enough quality time every day creating new business. Remember to do all of the little things every day to keep your client and candidate funnel full so you never have to ride that income roller coaster.

Happy Hunting!


David Mandar


Utilizing over 20 years of experience within the Information Technology field, David has grown progressively through his career in Recruitment and Staffing. He is currently a Curta Coach, assisting fellow recruiters and agency owners, new to the industry and experienced, get off the recruiting hamster wheel and love their work by applying smart processes that raise the quality of hires and result in a greater business and personal brand.




Flickr treasure hunter photo by Elsie esq. – Attribution License


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