3 Ways To Sabotage Your Candidate’s Interview

by David Mandar

Help candidates interview

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Another stellar candidate rejected?

Wondering why your awesome candidate, the one you knew was the perfect fit, blew the interview? It’s pretty frustrating when you spend extra time and effort to find the right one only to have them rejected after thinking they were a sure hire.

If this happens to you, don’t be disheartened. As you know, there are many factors you cannot control in the hiring process. We’re dealing with different personalities including the Hiring Manager and the Candidate, and unpredictable scenarios like the interview.

But recruiting is more than just finding the right candidate, it’s making sure all of the key pieces are lined up and that the risks due to unpredictability are minimized.

So if your perfect candidate was rejected after an interview, as a recruiter you may be guilty of one or all of these 3 situations:

Poor Hiring Manager Relationship
It’s important to know and engage your Hiring Manager. You need to create trust so that you can have open conversations around positions being offered and what matters to the Hiring Manager. You have to dig and ask what are key skills and other work ethics important to them and crucial for the position. Gather these details and use them in the job description and candidate screening process, as well as when prepping your chosen one for an interview.

Poor Job Description
If you don’t talk to the Hiring Manager and qualify the hiring opportunity, you will probably present a poor job description. A poor job description will attract the wrong kind of candidates. It’s important you know exactly who you are looking for and that your job description calls to that exact person. Quite often, you’ll be given a previously used job posting. These are frequently outdated or were never a good match for the position in the first place. If you post using one of these, you are sabotaging your efforts in finding the right fit for the job. You’ll often find that after speaking with the Hiring Manager, some crucial criteria does not even appear on the job posting and at times actually contradicts some of the information. Make sure to include these key items in your posting!

Poor Interview Prep
Did you properly prepare the candidate for the interview? The only way you can answer this question is by knowing what your Hiring Manager wants and by knowing you have the best fitting job description. As you can see, you have to have a good Hiring Manager relationship and accurate job description to be able to prep the candidate properly. For example, did the Hiring Manager specify a preferred background or a key skill? Make sure you go over these with the candidate and that they enter the interview prepared with examples and details on these crucial aspects of the position being offered.

Of course you can’t control everything. There are times when life throws you a curve. Maybe your candidate is having an extremely bad day or the Hiring Manager was replaced with someone else with a whole new set of values and perceptions on what matters in a specific post. But if you cover these three steps properly, you will minimize the number of golden candidates who fail the interview and get more returns for your efforts.


David Mandar


Utilizing over 20 years of experience within the Information Technology field, David has grown progressively through his career in Recruitment and Staffing. He is currently a Curta Coach, assisting fellow recruiters and agency owners, new to the industry and experienced, get off the recruiting hamster wheel and love their work by applying smart processes that raise the quality of hires and result in a greater business and personal brand.



Article image by pakorn at freedigitalphotos.net 




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