10 Reasons To Cut A Client Loose!

by David Mandar

prime clients

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As recruiters we spend a lot of time finding that ideal candidate. If we met for coffee, we’d probably have a lot of stories to share of all the interesting characters and situations we come across!

But what about the client? Ideal clients are just as important as candidates. Yes, they pay the bills, but sometimes they not only waste our precious time, they actually impede the whole hiring process. They make us work twice as hard for less return.

That’s why once or twice a year, it’s important to do some client decluttering. Cross those low ROI customers off our list and make room for better matching and more promising clients.

Below is a list of 10 client traits you can use as a guide to cut current clients loose:

1) Never has time for you.

2) Isn’t open to advice; they know it all and are closed-minded.

3) Has a poor reputation in their industry.

4) Offers a below market salary for hires.

5) Always complains about your fee, even when you’ve provided excellent value & service.

6) Difficult to schedule interviews with.

7) Creates obstacles in the hiring process.

8) Operates with continuous high turnover.

9) Is in financial trouble, maybe even behind in paying you.

10) Works for a great company, but is a bad Hiring Manager.

During the summer, many clients and candidates are off on vacation. This slower period is the perfect time to trim your client list. Where should you start? Start with that one client that makes you cringe every time you see or hear their name. Look over their track record and compare it to the list above. How do they score? Happy de-cluttering.


David Mandar


Utilizing over 20 years of experience within the Information Technology field, David has grown progressively through his career in Recruitment and Staffing. He is currently a Curta Coach, assisting fellow recruiters and agency owners, new to the industry and experienced, get off the recruiting hamster wheel and love their work by applying smart processes that raise the quality of hires and result in a greater business and personal brand.



Dr. Jekyll photo courtesy of Jack Samuels flickr/creativecommons



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