Are You Guilty Of These Recruiter Don’ts?

by David Mandar



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Caught up in a hectic schedule, we Recruiters often find ourselves guilty of some poor working habits. Maybe we’re trying to save time by cutting corners. But what often happens is inefficient and ineffective work resulting in less hires and more headaches.

Here is a list of common Don’ts. Are you guilty of using any of these? If so, don’t forget to read what you should be doing instead.

Dos & Don'ts


Like bad habits, Don’ts often slide into your day without you even noticing. So if you read a few that you may be guilty of, start applying the To Do suggestion (or one of your own) right away. Don’t wait and let that bad habit turn into a problem.

And feel free to add your own Recruiter Don’ts to the comments. We would love your feedback.



David Mandar


Utilizing over 20 years of experience within the Information Technology field, David has grown progressively through his career in Recruitment and Staffing. He is currently a Curta Coach, assisting fellow recruiters and agency owners, new to the industry and experienced, get off the recruiting hamster wheel and love their work by applying smart processes that raise the quality of hires and result in a greater business and personal brand.






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