Rating My 360 Desk Candidates For Max Returns

Of course you know what MMCs and MPCs are?

Worst Candidates

As I work on the 360 challenge, my desk is getting piled high with candidate files. Now it’s time to sort them into MMCs and MPCs.

I’ll bet you thought they were the same. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We see this over and over in our Marketing Candidates training.

As Recruitment Professionals, we have all presented a client whom we consider a great candidate. Sometimes we call them “Most Marketable Candidate” (MMC) and other times we call them “Most Placeable Candidate” (MPC). But there is a difference. Knowing and understanding that difference is key to greater success and making more money quickly.

Measure Your Candidate

To start, you must be able to identify the top candidates you want to market. After teaching our “Building Business” through the Marketing Candidates course to over 500 recruiters, I think I have heard it all when it comes to different things Recruiters use to identify a candidate they are going to market, including and not limited to: “He was the best smelling candidate I had.”

It should never be this vague. When dealing with candidates you plan to market, you should have a simple and effective rating system that will allow you to finger pick the cream of the crop.

Most valuable candidates

Curta’s rating system measures five points:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Location
  3. Salary
  4. Skill Set
  5. Career Growth

On each of these five points, we rate our candidates a 1, 2 or 3. This gives us an objective score anywhere between 5 and 15.

What The Score Means:

The only candidates to market from this rating scale must score below a 10. Anyone over a 10 is a risk. You could think of them of as more likely to insult your clients and give you a bad name.

When a candidate scores between 6 – 9, you have an MMC. This is the candidate that is worth a conversation with a hiring manager. If you don’t get an interview, you will at least have had a conversation, opened the door to a relationship, and generated a referral to another hiring authority or another job order.

When a candidate scores a 5, you have an MPC. This is the candidate who will get a job with or without you. Think of this candidate as your olympian. Don’t lose the fee because you have better things to do. At the very minimum, take a half-hour every day and talk to hiring managers about this candidate. Work with this candidate and call the companies they want to work for.

For the 360 Desk Challenge, I didn’t waste any time rating my candidates. I currently have 3 MMCs and 1 MPC, and I will be busy marketing all of them out this week.

I’ll keep you posted!
Rebecca Sargeant


Rebecca SargeantRebecca is the Recruiter’s Coach at Curta, where the mission is to ensure that clients exceed their business goals by raising the bar in the global recruiting and staffing industry. Rebecca is currently meeting the 360 Desk Challenge, of building a desk from scratch and targeting a $100K by October 1st using Curta methodology.

“Because those who teach well, definitely can!”


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  1. Jeff Holmquist

    This will be interesting to see.   Jeff


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