Build Your Desk & Make More Revenue ~ Join me in the 360 Desk Challenge!


Looking for motivation to drive some extra revenue? Well here’s an opportunity to get support while you build your desk and up your revenue target, as well as have access to a few other bonuses.

Since embarking on the path of professional coaching and training, I often hear the old saying that “Those who can’t, teach; and those who can, do.”Now, I’d be lying if I said that this comment didn’t ruffle my feather just a bit, as it implies that I can’t do and therefore I teach. In my experience it’s pure B.S. and I am going to prove it!

Those Who Can, Coach – My 360 Desk Challenge

Rather than spending hours debating with others, I thought I would cut to the chase and show you. From now until October 1st (just before the HeadHunter Summit), I am building a desk and driving towards a specific revenue target. What target? I want you to decide, but more about that further down.

First I want to tell you a bit more about the challenge. I will build a 360 desk using the marketing principals we teach/coach in our Marketing Candidates Training class aiming to hit the whatever target you decide. While I am building that desk, I promise to blog on all the trials and tribulations that go along with this challenge.

Hurry, Who Wants To Join Me In The Challenge?

Plus, any recruiter at any level of experience who wants to join me in hitting that target, will benefit greatly. You will get our Marketing Candidates training, support, and a group network setting to help you succeed. Hurry though, the Marketing training takes place next week on April 25th. So by joining you get:

  • The Marketing Candidates course for the reduced price of $300;
  • Bi-Monthly MasterMind meetings throughout the duration of the challenge;
  • Access to the Curta Membership Forum where we can support each other online;
  • Two months of the Curta Membership for free;
  • And if you win, you get your Marketing Candidates course free & a free ticket to the HeadHunter Summit this October in Niagara Falls.

Imagine how participating in the challenge will motivate you and as a result will increase your revenue significantly by the beginning of October. (How would you like to go on a trip in the fall?) Are you up for it? And if you win the challenge, you also win the cost of joining and a free ticket to the HeadHunter Summit this fall!

The 360 Desk Challenge is a great way to get up your game and for me to prove my point that those of who can, can also teach!

Wait…What Should Be Our Revenue Target? You Tell Me!

So as I said, I want to leave the revenue target up to you. What numbers do you think I should be able to hit over the next six months? Click on the link below and answer the poll question. I will collect these over the week and announce the grand total next Monday.

So Don’t wait, Join Me!

Do you want to up your game and build a revenue generating desk? Want some extra cash for the fall? Join me by clicking here.



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