Eliminate Frustration in Partnership Splits and Make More Money

by Rebecca Sargeant

On top of making money at your desk, you can expand your reach and increase business using outside resources like split partnerships. The catch is whether you are sharing orders with your co-workers or you are an Independent Recruiter sharing orders with other Independents, everyone feels some level of frustration doing splits. If you are the one sharing the order, can you trust the quality of candidates you are getting? If you are the one supplying the candidates, can you trust the quality of the orders you are filling? The level of doubt on everyone’s part can make the little bumps seem like mountains.

Over the past five years I have brokered many of these relationships. Here are some strategies I have adopted, to ease everyone’s frustration levels:

  1. If you cant fill it in two hours, pass it on. As Recruiters we often pride ourselves on being able to fill anything. Don’t waste your time or your split partner’s by giving them a stale order. Give them quality orders only. Your partner will work quicker and more efficiently if they know there is a higher chance on filling the positions you give them.
  2. Only an expert will do. Before giving anyone one of your precious orders, make sure they have filled similar positions recently. Not only will this cut down on your time to submit, but if there is an issue on the order, your split partner will be able to identify and address it quickly. And remember you went to an expert, so check your ego at the door and listen to them.
  3. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate (over Communicate). We all know things are always changing. By over communicating with each other, you will be able to keep up with those changes. Also, you will be reassuring each other the work is getting done, whether you are communicating about where you are in the sourcing process or when your client is going to review the resume. Communication will keep everyone from going off the deep end if things go sideways.
  4. Be Realistic. The industry standard is only 33% of orders get filled. This means not every order is going to hire your candidate and not every candidate is going to be the one you would present. Expect it. As Recruiters, we have big egos to protect us from being kicked by clients and candidates alike. That same ego is also the biggest monster we need to tame when working with a split partner. When you can’t tame that monster you lose colleagues (split partners included), develop a bad reputation, and in the end you lose out on money.
  5. Get it in writing. More split partnerships go south because of misunderstandings and assumptions. Having it clearly and formerly stated will ensure everyone knows the rules of engagement and have agreed to work within those boundaries. Yes, we’ve all heard that one before, but it’s funny how so many fall victim to skipping this much needed step!

John Rose, CPC will expand more on how to use outside resources like split partnerships to grow your business at the Headhunter Summit in October. Until then, refining how you conduct split partnerships and growing your network is a great way to increase your revenue — if you do it right.



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