3 Halloween Creepy-Crawly Ways To Build Business

caramel apples 2013

Don’t let your Recruiting and Staffing business slow down because people are getting into the Halloween spirit this week.  We all know you are not going to beat them, so here are three marketing ways you can join them:

Recruiting Horror Stories ~ this is great time to engage people with storytelling ability.  Take a few minutes to write a funny recruiting horror story you can share with your clients and candidates.  Of course, the best stories are the ones where you are the hero who saves the client 😉 Also, make sure the stories are short and funny! Nothing to ghastly, we are looking to engage people not scare them away.

Virtual Halloween Contest ~ This is a great way to get to know your clients and candidates on a personal level.  For example, I used Facebook and invited all my clients and candidates to post their best Halloween pictures https://www.facebook.com/RBSVirtualHalloweenParty . The picture with the most “Likes” from the group will receive a box of treats from http://www.beanermunky.com/

Handout Halloween Treats ~ If your clients are local dress-up and head out with a bag of goodies for them.  Nothing will get you past that front receptionist faster than a funny outfit, a smile and a big bag of chocolates.  If your clients are not local, take a picture of yourself in a Halloween costume, drop it in an envelope with some treats and MAIL it!  Both work just as well.

This Halloween stop waiting on the sidelines waiting for the game to start again.

What are you going to do that is a little outside the box, that will engage your customers in a new way and get ahead of your competitors this Halloween?


One response to “3 Halloween Creepy-Crawly Ways To Build Business

  1. Hi Rebecca – Excellent ideas! I love the 3rd one. Happy Halloween.

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