I am a Headhunter.

Does that make you cringe?  It should!

No one would dare kick a Headhunter, but everyone does love to kick Recruiters.


Because Recruiters spend way too much time placating HR departments, working on unemployable candidates and dealing with managers who can’t get their act together.

Here are 5 reasons you want to put on your “Big Boy Pants” and become a Headhunter:

  1. We don’t Waste Time – When we see a client or candidate we want to work with, we pick up the phone and call them.  If they’re not at their desk, we call their cell phone.  If they’re not at the cell phone, we book an appointment directly onto their calendar.  Nowhere in there do we send emails or leave voice mails.
  2. We have Better Candidates – Our candidates aren’t on LinkedIn.  In fact, our candidates are too busy working to be on any social media, and are too tired to look at your job posting.  Headhunters are in the business for the long haul.  To withstand the ups and downs of our industry, Headhunters have built deep wide reaching networks  built on  relationships based on years of contact, not just hours or days.
  3. We have More Control – It takes more balls to say, “No” then it does to say, “I am sorry.”  We know as Headhunters we are great at the hiring process, as we have tried everything else.  This trial and error has taught us the hard way: we are not going to make money chasing hiring managers, kissing HR’s ass or appeasing egotistical candidates. By saying, “No” we set limits, all the while moving the hiring process forward for everyone.
  4. We are The Experts – The Hiring Process is the only thing we do.  Because we live and die by our process, we can tell you what problems you are going to have interviewing and/or hiring.  We know where the best candidates and clients are located.  We know when the best time to hire or make a career change is.  We know why people like or dislike you or your company.  We know how to secure better employees than your competitor does.   We know there are few ‘clean’ deals, and we know how to deal with situations that go sideways.
  5. We get Higher Fees – The average fee for a Headhunter is 30%.  We get these fees because we ARE the experts. (I think I said that already!  😉  Clients can’t get OUR candidates from Monster, LinkedIn or Recruiters.  Candidates know we are out for their best interest, and they work closely with us on every aspect of their careers.  As for HR, we let the hiring manager deal with them.  And finally:  we know exactly how much we are worth!

Isn’t it time you became a Headhunter too?


One response to “I am a Headhunter.

  1. Does it make me cringe? The headline didn’t. What followed certainly did. To the point I wondered if it was written tongue in cheek. Surely no-one in what one could call a ‘service’ industry could be so egotistical and self-serving. If someone who I did not know, and had never spoken to, dared to book an appointment directly in my calendar, I would be tempted to immediately black list them, (regardless of how good they may be). They are the experts ‘because the hiring process is the only thing we do’. Really? I wonder what recruiters do all day. Also, ‘as Headhunters we are great at the hiring process, as we have tried everything else’. So obviously they failed at all the other things they tried. Wonder why!!!!

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