Why Do I Market Candidates?

I have a long successful career on establishing profitable business, breaking new industries, and turning a profit when the rest of the recruiting/staffing industry is still trying to recover from any given recession they might be experiencing.   When asked how I consistently do this with repeated success, I explain   “I Market Candidates.”    

Here are some of the reasons why I market candidates:

  1. Get To The Point ~ When I call into a manager and explain that I have a highly sought after candidate that is “interested in working with them above anyone else”, of course that manager is going to listen!  If that manager is struggling to fill his opening, I now have a jump on the rest of my completion because I already have a candidate in position.  If the Manager is not looking for this particular candidate, that is ok too.  Often a manager will give you another order or possibly even give you a “heads up” on another opportunity for your candidate.
  2. Drive Higher Fees ~ Over the years we have all become accustomed to quoting our clients a percentage of salary for a candidate.   When I am marketing a candidate, I quote my client a ‘flat fee’ for my service, calculated as 25% of the candidate’s highest salary expectation. This enables my client to negotiate a fair and equitable salary with my candidate, and I still receive top dollar for my services.
  3. Proves My Expertise ~ Marketing Candidates works best when the Recruiter is niched.  By bringing candidates TO the customer, I show that I am an expert in market information, available candidates, a company’s inner workings, and upcoming job openings.  With this specialized information, I present to clients as the Market Expert.
  4. Build Stronger Relationships ~ Hiring Mangers and Candidates all need help with their careers.  Whether they need my coaching on dealing with a new boss, or if they would like advice on how to move up the corporate ladder, keeping my door open to everyone for these small requests has me front and center when they need to hire or find a new job.
  5. Close Deals Quicker ~ There will always be 25 steps in the Recruitment Process, and skipping even just one step is not an option.  What is a variable is how quickly you skip through the steps.  By the time I begin to market someone, I have already sourced, screened, interviewed, reference checked and written up the candidate.  All my hiring managers have to do now is get the candidate through the interview stages and pick the start date.  When set up correctly, I find the candidate and the hiring manager often work closely together to smoothly complete the hiring. 

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that good candidates are cash in the bank, and Job Orders should be filed as “Bad Fiction” in the nearest circular file.

Special Note:

If you are interested in knowing how to market candidates, please join the RBS “Building Business ~ Marketing Course” given on select Friday’s during the summer. 

  • On July 12th our special class for Owners and Independent Recruiters is completely booked.
  • On July 26th we are holding a customized class for Women in the Staffing and Recruiting industry.  (We still have a few spots available for this class.)

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