10 Reasons Recruiters Need Training

Do you not have time, money or resources to train yourself or your Recruiters? Have you considered where one “lunch and learn” could make you money?  Here are 10 reasons you should always invest in training for your Recruiters and Staffing Specialist:

  1. Decrease the need for Micro Management – How often have you or your managers said that they cannot do something because they are still “minding” Recruiters?  Training the Recruiter frees up everyone’s time, effort and empowers the new Recruiters to do the work themselves.
  2. Reduce Recruiter Turnover –Investing in your Recruiters will make them feel that you are interested in developing their skills and growing their careers.
  3. Increase Productivity – If Recruiters know what they are doing and are properly trained, the Company’s productivity will increase with better quality service/products and more efficient Recruiters.
  4. Enhance Risk Management, e.g., Training about sexual harassment, diversity training – As laws change to keep up with the times, so should we.  Emailing out a memo about a new law to a Recruiter working a busy desk will quickly get lost.  By taking the time to specifically train on essential subjects, you will reduce your legal exposure when assisting clients in their hiring process.
  5. Increase Ability to Incorporate New Tools and Technologies – Keeping up to date with technology is a constant battle. Ensuring that you and your Recruiters are current with tools and technology will enable your organization to stay on the forefront of productivity.
  6. Maintain Employee Credentials/Certifications – Assisting your Recruiters to maintain their credentials is a fantastic way to build loyalty within your team. In addition to loyalty, your Recruiters will have access to network groups and training opportunities above and beyond your in-house program.  
  7. Assisting Recruiters to Take on More Responsibilities – Would you allow any 17 year old to drive a car without any driving instruction? Similarly, why would Companies promote people to new positions without giving them the necessary skills to perform in their new role effectively? Training for newly promoted Recruiters is beneficial to both the Company and the Recruiter in terms of productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.
  8. Increase Job satisfaction, Morale and Motivation among Recruiters – A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Training increases the well-being of people in general and reduces absenteeism, mistakes and stress in the workplace.  This is always a benefit for any organization.
  9. Enhance Company Image – Reputation to both our industry colleagues and our clients is becoming increasingly important.  Gaining an accreditation such as” Top 100 Employer” can be prestigious in terms of promoting your organization and ensuring that people would like to work for, and work with you.
  10. Networking Opportunity and Increased Visibility – Sending your Recruiter to an off-site workshop hosted by (or for) your clients will earn you brownie points with everyone.  The Recruiter will be networking and building relationships with potential clients and candidates.  That same Recruiter will also feel more empowered with the knowledge they have learned and your organization may have an “in” that no one else has.

Training is one thing we have complete control over, and the one thing that we invest the least amount of time developing.  If you truly want to increase your profits, take the time and invest in a good training program.  Implemented correctly, I can guarantee you that this list of 10 reasons that you should invest in training will grow to be a 100 reasons.

If you have questions or problems, always feel free to call!

Rebecca B. Sargeant
Recruiter’s Career Coach
RBS Staffing Consultants
Telephone: USA 617-396-4450 / CDN 905-627-5060

E-Mail: rsargeant@rbs-staffing.com
LinkedIn: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/rebeccasargeant
Blog: https://rebeccabsargeant.wordpress.com/


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