The Mechanics of Recruiting ~ A Recruiting Manual for 21st Century




RBS Staffing Consultants is proud to announce the release of a new Recruiting Manual, “The Mechanics of Recruiting.” After years of successfully hiring, developing and coaching Top Recruiting Professionals Rebecca B. Sargeant the Recruiter’s Coach has finally documented her Curta Methodology

For new Recruiters and Sourcing Specialist, The Curta Methodology clearly defines the Recruiting Process and provides a step by step instruction so anyone can be a successful Recruiter. 

For the seasoned Recruiter, The Curta Methodology is a refreshing new  look at an old process.  Other Recruitment training programs are designed only give a set formula.  The Curta Methodology goes beyond to explain why the formula works and then assist in designing personal workable formula.

Using The Curta Methodology recruitment Professionals just joining the Recruitment / Staffing Industry are finding success immediately.  Seasoned Recruitment Professionals are quantifying their success with an extra fill or an extra 15k in GM per quarter. 

For more information on how the Curta Methodology can be implemented into your recruitment or staffing organization, please feel free to contact me directly.

Rebecca B. Sargeant
Recruiter’s Career Coach
RBS Staffing Consultants
Telephone: USA 617-396-4450 / CDN 905-627-5060



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