Recruiters Are Finding Success By Climbing TheLadders

A couple of weeks ago, I posted that TheLadders is offering Recruiters free access to post jobs and view candidates in their resume database.  Curious about what this could mean to us as Recruiters, I took some time to assist a select number of my clients to implement TheLadders into the recruiting process.  The feedback from those clients was deafening, hurray!  My clients all reported that they are finding better candidates and connecting with them quicker. 

Not wanting the other shoe to drop on our collective heads with a NEW user fee, I reached out to TheLadders directly just yesterday. It took them no time for them to pull together a call to discuss with me their future and how they are going to further engage Recruitment Professionals.

Thomas Murphy, Director of Client Relations & Sales, Employer Marketing, came to our conversation with great enthusiasm and passion for the recruiting industry that is often lacking in other suppliers.  He jumped into our conversation with both feet, assuring me that Recruiters will always have access to TheLadders for free.  Quietly thrilled, I listened intently to Thomas about the following:

  1. RecruitBlog: TheLadders’ Top 200 Recruiters and Top 50 Employers
  2. “Scout” on TheLadders Gives your Candidate a Competitive Edge Before they Apply for a Job
  3. TheLadders Reinvents the Job Search with New Mobile Offerings

I will have to say the best part of our conversation was when Thomas told me about “TheLadders ELITE Recruiter Awards.”  Throughout this year, TheLadders will host a series of multi-city events dubbed “JobMobile,” which will attract leading recruiters and HR professionals for an evening of networking and best-practice sharing. In addition to celebrating the company’s 10 years as an industry pioneer, TheLadders CEO & Co-founder Alex Douzet will announce TheLadders ELITE Recruiters for each city. Make some time in the following cities to drop in and get engaged:

  • New York City March 28, 2013
  • San Francisco April 25, 2012
  • Atlanta May 16, 2013
  • Chicago July 18, 2013

The JobMobile events will definitely elevate engagement with existing recruiters and encourage mobile-product adoption. 

Recruiters ~ keep using TheLadders and keep your eyes open for details on these events.

Once again, thank you Thomas and Lisa for your time!  I look forward to seeing your upcoming innovations.


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