Good Bye Bullhorn

Everyone and their brother thinks they can build the next great recruiting tool.  What they all seem to miss is that if you don’t have experience working the recruiting process, you lack the knowledge of what we, as Recruiters, need.  Once in a great while, though, I find a tool that just works.  Those “ah ha” moments are so magnificent, that I can’t help but share them with everyone.  Not only do I share those tools here on my blog, but I will go as far as making it a point to call clients and colleagues to share the information with them. 

The first time I used Bullhorn I was hooked!  Finally here was an ATS designed by Recruiters for Recruiters.  Bullhorn is intuitive to use, and the ability to see how many times my hiring managers had viewed a candidate made me simply salivate with possibilities.  During the past four years if someone said ATS, I jumped in and screamed “Bullhorn!”

I would blabber on about the features and benefits.  I explained how the reporting could be coupled with a Bullhorn partner to give you detailed reports that would allow you to pinpoint exactly where a recruiter would be having trouble. Clients trusting my judgment would, of course, let me set up that initial call. 

Now I understand I am not the biggest name in the Recruiting and Staffing industry, but I have been around.  I have referred other people to Bullhorn in the past and I have been an advocate for them.  On Thursday last week I think they finally broke my heart for the last time. 

Each time I engaged Bullhorn’s sales team on my client’s behalf, I found myself apologizing to my client for their lack of response and coordination.  In the past, I have smoothed it out and got the system implemented.  When a particular client called last Thursday, I asked when he would be starting with Bullhorn.  He informed me he couldn’t sign up until this week because the Bullhorn sales team was at off-site meeting for the second time this month.  You can understand my embarrassment and sadness for this great ATS.  When my client asked me if Bullhorn was serious about his business, I had no reply, and at that moment, I decided that I would not refer them to any more of my clients or colleagues.

The moral of this blog is if your sales team is not physically and mentally available to do the business, eventually even you biggest advocates will give up on you. 

Good-Bye Bullhorn!


One response to “Good Bye Bullhorn

  1. I have to say Bullhornreach has been good to me. I am a big advocate. The connection with Linkedin and now Maxhire is great. I have to say honestly I’ve never had to reach out to their sales team. Customer service in any company is huge so if thats been your experience, then I hope they improve otherwise they’ll be losing alot of other people.

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