LinkedIN says: “Our Solution isn’t for You.”

Recently, I received a call from the top notch sales team at LinkedIn with an “amazing offer.”  They wanted to share with me a special tool that was only offered to Corporate Recruiters.  They further explained that it was being offered to “select third party recruiters.”  Hitting all the right buttons a sales person should, I of course jumped at the chance to hear about this silver bullet and booked an appointment. 

Like a kid waiting for a new toy, I imagined all the things I could really use from LinkedIn.  I mused on the ability to export phone numbers from my contact list, the capability to search and export only a section of my contact list, or even the access to email more than 50 people at a time.

Finally the time comes. The Sales person opens the call by asking me how I currently use LinkedIn.  Excited I jumped in and said, “If I can’t find the person in my 5,000 contacts.  I go to Google and x-ray LinkedIn.  As soon as I find the person I like, I pick up the phone and call the person at work.”

The silence from the sale’s person was deafening, I actually thought the call had dropped.  The next thing I heard from the sale’s person was, “If you called me at work, I would be pissed.”

Laughing I said, “You would be pissed because I called and said ‘Hello?’” 

After some heated back and forth, we found as much common ground as an Ex-Corporate Recruiter (the sales person) and a Third Party Recruiter (me) could find. Getting his sales call back on track he got around to asking if I ever used “inMails?” 

Poor sales guy…

InMails?  Who needs inMails?  By LinkedIn’s own statics, they show the average user only checks their LinkedIn account twice a month.  Since time kills deals, I simply go and find the person’s company email address and use that.   

Here is the icing on the cake:  Upon hearing that, the LinkedIn Sales Person concluded that I was “Too far outside the box for our solutions to work for you.”

Utterly shocked, I asked him, ”Recruiters everywhere believe LinkedIn is the be-all and end-all of recruiting.  And by doing the basic things Headhunters have been doing for years, you’re telling me that your high priced inmail solution is useless?”

He actually said, “Yes!”

To Recruitment Professionals everywhere – Do you really need to spend money on LinkedIn?  Start asking yourself what value you are getting out of the tools you have been sold, and whether or not your own efforts pay bigger dividends.


3 responses to “LinkedIN says: “Our Solution isn’t for You.”

  1. Rebecca,

    THANK YOU for this post. I was looking at upgrading my LinkedIn account, but won’t be doing so now.


  2. I agree with your assessment of Inmails. They just don’t get my attention and find that generally the response rate is slow and rather poor. I will use them but generally as a last resort.

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