One Of My Favorite Recruiting Tools

We all have a tool we reach for when trying to find that purple squirrel for a client.  For some of us, it is LinkedIn and others it is has simple as using Google Advanced Search feature.  For years I was a big advocate of putting the time into building free points in my account but, with recent changes to the site new Recruiters can’t accumulate free points, they have to buy them. This forced me to looking for another tool to assist my up and coming Recruiters.  What I found was

As Recruiter’s we all need our tools at the same time we don’t all have spending accounts at our disposal.  This makes showing value for a specific tool a necessity before purchasing. offers a free version that offers enough features you might never need to upgrade to a paid version.  Myself, I used the free version for most of 2012, late in the year I broke down and purchased the smallest monthly package.   

The Features I use the most are:

  • The “Profile Search” find candidates from LinkedIn and Google Plus.  The advantage I like is it will search the web for the person’s email address.  This enables you to email them directly for free. 
  • I will say, I love the “Resume Search.” I have found the more than one purple squirrel for my client using this feature.
  • The “Email Search” searches the web and allows me to find obscure email address.

The Feature I haven’t really used and would like your feedback on are:

  • College Search
  • Business Search
  • Blog Search

Give it a try and let me know what you think?


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