Recruiters DON’T sell – Thank god!

As a Recruitment professional let me let you in on a little secret…. My husband Frank is a Sales person’s worst nightmare (and he could also be your Hiring Manager.)

Why do I share this with you?   I share, because Recruiters might not like to sell, but that doesn’t mean they can’t pick up the phone and develop a friendship with a hiring manager.  Let me show you how easy it could be:

Every year since 1990 Frank has received a card and a calendar from the Realtor who sold him our home.  EVERY year I hear from Frank, “This is the reason I remember  Jo-Ann (Jo-Ann Dube from J And J Homes).  IF we sell, we’ll call her.  Other Realtors come and go but not Jo-Ann.  She is still in the game and she remembers me every year.” 

As a born and raised hard charging sales person myself, I am surprised Jo-Ann can develop such loyalty from Frank with such a small sentiment.  On the other hand, in my role as a Recruiting Professional I am relieved that with such a small sentiment, I too can develop such a strong relationship.   

Recruiting Professionals that hate to sell, you and Frank (who is like many hiring managers) will get along just fine without the “smarmy” sales person. If you follow Frank’s “hates to be sold to” guiding principles, you should find it even easier to pick up that phone. 

Frank’s “hate to be sold to” Guiding Principles:

  1. Be genuine and sincere.
  2. Supply solutions to his specific needs.
  3. Help him to buy. Don’t try to “win” at the game of selling.
  4. Know your products and/or services well enough to answer questions accurately.
  5. Give him time to make up his mind.

Just like every hiring manager out there, Frank has no special training when it comes to buying staffing / recruiting services.  When faced with a “trained” Account Executive trying to push a service, it doesn’t go well with him.  As with him, hiring managers may try to avoid the “classic” sales person, but will often work well with a person who has the actual hands on experience.

In the Recruiting Industry that person would be YOU, the Recruiter!

If you ever had a thought about picking up the phone to develop a new client, you really should do it.  I can ensure that if you follow “Frank’s Guiding Principles” you will quickly find hiring managers that would hire from you for the rest of their careers.


Rebecca B. Sargeant

The Recruiter’s Coach

(If you have any questions about this post or any of my other blog feel free to contact me at 617-396-4450 or via email at  )

 P.S. Always find an excuse to send a Thank you card via snail mail!


One response to “Recruiters DON’T sell – Thank god!

  1. Excellent advice – will use for next networking meeting!!!

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