Calgary Stampede Proudly Kills Three More Horses During Chuckwagon Race

Let first say – I believe in horse sports like thoroughbred, standardbred and quarter horse racing. My belief in the racing association to do their best to protect both the horse and rider is solid. I know people will always cheat and abuse the horses but I believe the safe guards are there to catch them and punish them.

After hearing this story this morning I set out to write a blog about these Chuckwagon races. Starting to do my research I found the Canadian Association for Chuckwagon Racing. To my true sadness when I called I recieved a voicemail of a women saying she would be on the road and to call her cell. I am sad because this alread tells me Chuckwagon Races are not regulated to the same standards as the other horse races and I guess killing horses year after year is somewhat ok to the general public.

None of us are stupid enough to believe anything will change until someone loses an eye. Well, next race, next year, sometime soon with any hope we’ll not only kill a couple of horses but we’ll take out a couple of humans at the same time.

Maybe then people will make the neccessary changes to make the sport safe for animal and human.

RIP to all the horses that have died over the years. (50 horses have died and I can’t find a list of any of their names anywhere! Maybe if simple stopped saying “horses” and gave their names in the news casts people would feel differently.)


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