Are you a Fee Worthy Recruiter?

What are you worth?

Recruitment professionals spend their days sourcing, screening and interviewing candidates that a client will hopefully pay a fee for.  Did you ever stop to think that you, as a Recruitment Professional, are also worthy of a fee?

Simply put, Great Recruiters are worth between 20% – 30%. However, defining “fee worthy” is a little more difficult.

Fee worthy Recruitment Professionals can be hard to define because, as a whole, we are all too often thought of as being akin to gypsies.  Distilling what a good Recruitment professional looks like to three keys points will enable you to take the mystery out of your own career advancement in Third Party agency environments.

Three Years Rule

  • Junior fee worthy Recruiters will have a minimum of three years in the industry. During this time they will have been taught through repetition all the skills needed to source, screen and qualify candidates.  To prove they have learned the lessons correctly, the Recruiter will have an increase in productivity over the third year. 
  • Seasoned fee worthy Recruiters will have a work history that is divided into minimum three year periods.  The reason for this is because it takes a full year to build a desk and the following years will be spent keeping the desk going.  The industry the Recruiter is niched into, combined with the health of the third party agency, will determine the length of time that a Seasoned Recruiter can keep that desk productive.

Yearly GM’s of 250K 

  • The difference between a $200k Recruiter and a $250K Recruiter is the steep learning curve between the Science and the Art of Recruiting.  Once a Recruiter has reached the $250K mile stone they have demonstrated they have all the techniques mastered to close a million in revenue…given the right opportunities.  

“He who has the gold makes the rules.”

  • This is an old saying that today still holds a lot of weight today.  It means whoever has the most money usually can have the ability of having the most influence over the ruling power. Using this saying we making sure the Recruiter is the primary financial contributor in their own household.  This ensures they will have the flexibility and emotional support needed to do what it takes to advance their own careers. 

If you are following these three points throughout your career then you can count yourself among the few “Fee-Worthy Recruiters.”  Congratulations!

I am curious do you think these three requirements are too tough? 


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