6 Ways Recruiters Sabotage Their Own Careers

by Rebecca Sargeant


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Coaching recruiters and agency owners, I see lots of common ways people get in their own way of their career and success. I actually put this list together back in 2012, but still see these self-sabotaging habits today. So I thought I’d share them again and add another point that has come up recently.

Are you guilty of any of these?

  • Don’t research the hiring companies – It is amazing how many times recruiters interview and take  positions with companies that have become adept at running with extremely high turnover rates.  The managers at these companies have one task and your career aspirations are not a part of it. FYI ~ You don’t have to take every offer presented to you.
  • Don’t talk about commission – Many top performers I have placed in the past were earning less than 80k a year before I got my hands on them, because they didn’t stand up and say, “Show me the money!”  As recruitment professionals, you are worth $250k plus to the right organization. It’s time to get over your fear, take your commission plan into your manager and say, “Show me the money!”
  • Don’t network for yourself – When networking, recruitment professionals are so focused on closing candidates, clients, deals and whatnot, that they end up missing opportunities for themselves. When you don’t network for yourself, nine times out of ten the recruiter who has been actively networking has the job before you even thought it might be time for a change.
  • Don’t watch your production numbers – Recruitment professionals spend days sourcing, qualifying, screening and submitting, but often don’t step back and look at the metrics. When you are not tracking these numbers you can’t tell when things are out of balance or even if your work input is actually paying off as it should. Working smarter is always the name of the game. By tracking these numbers, you will stay in balance, make more money and have the ammunition to get rid of bad clients.
  • Manage your LinkedIn profiles  – I was recently asked, “If Recruiter’s are the experts on getting hired, why are their LinkedIn profiles so bad?” With all the hype around social Media I think enough has been said.
  • Use email or social media to headhunt – On July 1st, 2014, CASL is coming into play, limiting how businesses (and employees of) connect with others online. Email and possibly other online forms of connection can be damaging for your company and for you. First, you will have to get permission to email companies and their staff. So get back to the phone and build relationships. Besides, emailing without an introductory conversation is a waste of your time.

Ironically, we are the experts on everyone else’s career, but what about our own? If you are guilty of any of these self-sabotaging actions, you are hurting your career. Luckily, now that you are aware of it, you can fix it.  Go update your social media profiles, learn about CASL, start monitoring your production numbers – whatever you need to do. Begin putting your career first today.


Rebecca Sargeant

Rebecca is the Recruiter’s Coach at Curta, where the mission is to ensure that clients exceed their business goals by raising the bar in the global recruiting and staffing industry. Rebecca is currently meeting the 360 Desk Challenge, of building a desk from scratch and targeting a $100K by October 1st using Curta methodology.

“Because those who teach well, definitely can do!”


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