Process is NOT Infrastructure


We can all agree there are no barriers to entering the staffing industry.  The proof is in the countless numbers of independent staffing professionals and boutique agencies which are turning a profit by classifying themselves “A Staffing Agency.”  What makes each and everyone of these individuals successful is their day-to-day processes.  But at the same time, their lack of infrastructure limits their earning potential.

Distilling a recruiter’s day-to-day process down to picking up an order, finding a qualified candidate, and then matching the two together, is how we derive our revenue.  As a 360 desk Recruiter, you can, of course, make a good living doing this process all day, every day.  Your income level depends on how clean your process is, combined with how you set you pace.  Again, as long as you work at it all day, every day. 

To generate more revenue and get out from under the day-to-day grind, the natural assumption is to simply add more recruiters.  The problem is this:  Adding more recruiters to your organization without adding infrastructure will cause your once-clean process to fall apart, and the time you’ll spend dealing with this will cause your income to slip.
The frustration of hiring recruiter after recruiter forces most business owners to simply revert back to working on their own.

If you truly want to grow your organization, adding more recruiters is indeed the correct direction to move in, as long as you also increase efficiency at the same time.  Infrastructure is how you are going to increase efficiency, increase quality, and ensure the organization as a whole is capitalizing on it’s maximum revenue potential.   When infrastructure is established correctly, you, as the business owner, move from having to run a full desk every day to setting the tone and the pace of an entire organization.

At what point will you stop working the “process” and start building a Staffing Agency?


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