A Simple Little Idea….

Isn't it worth a try?

Isn't it worth a try?

I often witness Independent Recruiters are living fee to fee, and that every deal they work on is do or die for them.  This is no way to run a viable, stable business. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to:

  • Stabilize monthly projections by generating recuing monthly revenue?
  • Know your clients will call you before ANYONE else?
  • Have your customer treat you like the valued hiring consultant you are?
  • Know your customer is truly vested in your continued success?
  • Know and secure for yourself your customer’s entire yearly budget for hiring?

Then why are you doing business the same old way???

Look around at what corporations are doing when it comes to recruiting.  Blend the “Internal Corporate Recruiter” model with our everyday-contingency model and you will discover this surprising fact: 

Most corporate clients will pay a small monthly retainer to secure themselves an overall lower rate. 

I know what I am asking purposing a paradigm shift in your mode of operation, but, by step out in front of your client and making a small adjustment in your fee structure, you would increase your organizations over all health while providing a hefty wave of stability.

Isn’t it worth a try?


Recruiter’s Coach


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