Is your Staffing Agency a “JOB” or a “Business”?

Many of us open our own boutique agencies thinking we are going to make a million dollars and get the hell out of this recruiting business.  Far too many Recruiters dismay that once their candidate is placed and the fee has been paid the only way to make any additional revenue is to start the whole process over again.  This may look like a business from the outside, but when you peel back the layers you quickly discover this business is nothing more than a nice little job for yourself and not worth any more than the effort you put into it. 

For some Recruiters, that is a very happy place to be. For others with the foresight to see a time when they want to retire from this industry, it’s time to look at building a company that can stand on it’s own.  To create a business that stands on it’s own, you will need a decent infrastructure, a scalable model and recurring revenue.  Getting that put in place today will allow you to retire tomorrow.

The Recruiter’s Coach



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