You Want To Be A Recruiter?

Guest Blogger…

Kevin Kirkpatrick ~ Managing Partner of Rethink Talent Inc.

Over the last 10+ years I have been asked countless times. It puzzles me that the (IT, Healthcare, Administration) professionals I am recruiting look at what I do and figure it to be a “job” anyone can jump into. I curious to know what the reaction would be if Recruiter asked the Physician they were recruiting, “I was thinking about becoming a surgeon next week… It’s like the game operation isn’t it! ” ZAP!!

As seasoned Recruiting Professionals do we really give the overall impression that is truly so easy to get into our industry? Well maybe because it is! The entry to recruiting is often a university degree and the willingness to talk to people. This could be why I have found 2/3 of Recruiters doing other jobs before they even get to the 3 years bench mark. Staying a recruiter is much harder than people realize! Recruiters deal with so much disappointment that the ability to take it on the chin, get up and keep swinging is our biggest asset. All the while only getting paid when we are successfully get both the candidate and the client through the entire interviewing processes. The 30 step interviewing process starting with finding the right candidate through to making sure the candidate is successful in “their” new role for a minimum of three months. As an industry the statics show a Recruiting Professional will put an average of 10 people through the interviewing process and only 3 will be successful. What other profession deems success at getting the desired result 3 of 10 times. If we close 3 placements a month out of 10 requirements that is a good month but yet still only a 30% success rate.

Just like Surgeons, Recruiters dealing with people’s lives everyday. In fact, changing positions is ranked within the three top most stressful events in a person can go through during their life time. To get you through the 30 step interviewing processes the Recruiter must have the right training, skill, patience, diplomacy, intelligence, confidence and over all belief in you. If you a fortune enough to be contacted by a Professional Recruiter remember the only way you can increase your chances of become part of the 30% success rate is all based on your honesty, trust and ability to believe in your Recruiter’s direction.

Your Recruiter is the Professional in the hiring process!

Kevin Kirkpatrick


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