Seasoned Recruiters are you tired of working for someone else?

I have a unique opportunity and I am curious to know if you would help me get the word out.

This opportunity is NOT for everyone but for the RIGHT Recruiter it will offer the freedom to be their own boss without the risk associated with doing it all on their own.
As Recruiters we sit at our desks in someone else’s office and griping about how much money we are leaving on the table with every deal we close. But when push comes to shove; opening your own agency can be a terrifying prospect without access to the right backend support.

After serious investigation RBS Staffing has an opportunity that will enable a Seasoned Recruiter to establishing their own companies, generating revenue immediately and put 85% of that revenue back in their own pocket. This opportunity offers access to the best tools, training and support needed for you to succeed in the Recruiting Industry.

If you are serious about a Career in Recruiting and are tired of working for someone else please contact me Rebecca B. Sargeant at 905-627-5060
Thanks again for you assistance in getting the word out.

Rebecca B. Sargeant
Recruiter’s Career Caoch


One response to “Seasoned Recruiters are you tired of working for someone else?

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