Top 10 Reasons WHY Having ADD Is Truly A Benefit When You Are a RECRUITER!

1. Compassion ~ People with ADD have a tremendous power to connect with other people. But it goes a step further than that. We also have an advanced ability to empathize with others, and to see many different perspectives.

2. Creativity ~ Have you ever met an ADDer who wasn’t creative!???? Recruiters, Writers, painters, musicians, film makers, designers, sculptors, comedians – the list goes on! Artistic talents are abundant. Composers Mozart and Beethoven are believed to have had ADD.

3. Drive ~ When an ADDer is bored with a task, completing it can seem like torture. But give an ADDer an interesting project to work on and watch out! When a Recruiter wants to succeed they will make their own rules and tools to ensure their success!

4. Problem Solving ~ Ability ADDers thrive on solving problems and puzzles. Give a Recruiter an interesting problem to solve and they won’t be able to drop it until we’ve found the solution! Important historical inventors such as Thomas Edison and Thomas Jefferson are believed to have had ADD.

5. Hyper-Focus ~ The ability to hyper-focus is something that ADDers can use to their advantage. When kept under control and directed towards productive tasks, like accomplishing goals and living dreams, it can be an incredible asset that allows a Recruiter to get the job done, and done well!

6. Sense of Humor/Comedic Flair ~ Most ADDers love to laugh, and many also have a knack for making others laugh! Famous comedians such as Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams are rumored to have ADD.

7. Resiliency ~ There’s no denying that even though there are many great qualities that come along with ADD, there are also challenges. But ADDers have an incredible ability to bounce back from those challenges, and others’ criticism of those challenges that Recruiter’s endured.

8. Intuition ~ ADDers have a sharp sense of intuition. This may be due to highly tuned levels of perception, or great insight into the human mind, or something else that Recruiters have yet to understand. Whatever the reason, it’s a very useful gift!

9. Idea Generating ~ ADDers are wonderful idea generators. Recruiters don’t usually like to be bothered with details, but they can come up with ideas at lightning speed! They are a true asset in brainstorming meetings!

10. That “Special Something” ~ Many ADDers feel that they have a unique way of looking at the world, a perspective that others just don’t understand. That is, until the ADDer meets other people with ADD! You might say that Recruiters on our own wavelength!

In closing, I have to say without these building blocks built into our DNA would you really ever want to be a RECRUITER???

Have a GREAT Day!

Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


One response to “Top 10 Reasons WHY Having ADD Is Truly A Benefit When You Are a RECRUITER!

  1. Richard Jurewicz

    Great article Rebecca.

    I have (presumed) ADD and have been recruiting now for 11 years. As much activity as there is in a Recruiter’s life I always seemed able to get it done! Loved the advertising side of the job as well. But the biggest thing I found was how the ADD honed my organizational skills. As a Recruiter there is so much on the go. I had to be extremely organized in order to fill the order in a ‘timely manner’! My drive to get this done was great! And yes boring tasks were hard to do – but who cannot say that they feel the same? My daughter has ADHD and I am currently trying to teach her new way (or some ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking). Who knows, in time she may be the next best Recruiter!

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