This Week has Been a Whirlwind of Activity and it’s only Wednesday.

Yesterday Dawn, owner of Trans-logic, Heather of Randstad, Doreen of WWWworks, Tracy, owner of The Job Route; Brian, owner of Campbell Morden and I took time out of our busy schedules to attend Geoff Webb’s HR Unconference in Toronto. We spent an amazing day discussing the things that impact all our desks day to day.

The first discussion I attended was lead by Paul Hamilton and Paul Dodd. We discussed the future of Recruiting. Paul Dodd from Head to Head gave some great insight about how much effective Canadian Recruitment firms would be when we break down our own walls and learn to collaborate more. Strategic alliances would give us the breath and depth to meet our clients every changing needs. From the other people in the discussion, Recruiters need to be more proactive with their clients. The only Recruiters that will be making significant money will be the Strategic Talent Acquisition partners. This sentiment was echoed by several Internal Talent Acquisition Leaders throughout the day. They are looking to there business partners to of course go beyond the Monster and Workopolis candidates and report the true state of the work force to them. They are really relying on you to give them the market intel that will allow them to develop their internal workforce solutions.

The other intriguing discussion was the around how social media is truly impacting the recruiting industry. James from Critical Hire finally got the concrete answer of NO to his burning question of, “Can you effectively recruit through Social Media?” Social Media is only there to give visibility to both your candidates and clients. Done correctly you will be able to increase brand awareness so when you do call a candidate or client they will know about you. Do not expect Social Media to drive candidates and clients stampeding through your door. The hard work of sourcing, qualifying and presenting the right candidate will still be a part of your everyday life as a recruiter.

Over the next couple of weeks RBS Staffing will be launching a new website. Also, I will do my best you a list of practical tools that came from at the HR Unconference. In the mean time Daniel has written a great blog about open communication . Drop in, give it a read and leave your comments behind. Have a great rest of the week!!!

One more thing and to light a small fire under you and me.

There are only 65 days until Jan 1, 2011

Let the Screaming begin 😛


Rebecca B. Sargeant Recruiter’s Career Coach



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