Need a kick in the BUTT?

We all have days when we need to shut out the noise and get back the job of making money.  Nothing drives this point home more than Jerry Albright’s blog.  He reminds us everyday that the Recruiting Process is pretty easy to both follow and lose track of.  When I do lose track of this process, it is because I have lost my motivation.  Before I reach the point where the only cure is a candid conversation with my coach, I will often fall back on some tried and tested methods that have worked for me in the past.  Here are a couple of my favorite ways to get my motivation back:

  • “Chat Feature” – When you are on the Recruiting Blogs website, you are automatically logged into a chat room with other Recruiters.  On average there are 12 to 15 Recruiters on at any giving time, and throughout the day they share information and tips back and forth.  If you are working in isolation I find this feature to be very helpful.


  •  Picking Up The Phone – Picking up the phone to make that first call can be the most difficult part of a Recruiter’s day.  Instead of viewing this call as a Sales or Recruiting call you might consider this a check in call.  I have a list of candidates and clients that are always happy to spend five minutes giving me an up date of their life.  With this first call out of the way the rest are amazingly simple to do after that. 


  • Send A Card – I have a pack of funny cards in my desk and often when I have a few minutes I will send one of these cards out to a prospective client, a candidate I have just interviewed, or even a colleague I think could use a “pick me up.”  Composing these cards puts a smile on my face, you know they’ll be thrilled to get anything other than a bill in the mail.


  • Slip Away For A Ride – I have two horses, and when I really need to escape the phones and emails I will con one of my critters into taking me for a hack through the 600 acres of farm land / conservation forests we have access to.  Once out from underneath the screaming phones and demanding emails I find a quiet place to reset my priorities and develop a plan of attack.  Horses may not be your thing, but, regardless of where your interests are, you need to make time for them in both your schedule and your head space. 


Recently a friend asked me, “How do you learn to relax?”  After putting him up on one of my horses, I explained horses are very sensitive to stress and will do pretty much everything within their power to escape the thing causing them stress.  I further explain that learning to relax is different for everyone, and he had better learn quickly, if he expected to be riding not walking back to the barn later.

Once more time ~ No matter what your motivations are, you need to have them in place.  By having them within reach you can quickly use them and get back to the job at hand of making money. 

What things do you do to keep yourself motivated??


Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


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