Do you want a career or a pay cheque?

I received a call from a Recruiter today asking for information about a particular agency they are scheduled to interview with later this week.  To aid Recruitment Professionals in their career search we provide this information to Recruiters for free, making these kinds of calls a part of our everyday routine.  Issues only arise when the same Recruiter calls over and over again wanting to make a lateral move and their expectations are that the environments are going to be markedly different. 

The major differences in agency environments are typically driven by their compensation models.  When an agency offers compensation that includes a base plus commission, you can except to be measured against a strict matrix based on the number of calls you manage and/or a number of submittals per day ratio.  An Agency that offers a draw against commission will be concentrating on your submittal-to-hire ratio.  Keeping you driving towards the quality over quantity model.  Agencies that offer 100% commission tend to drive for strong partnerships between any given Account Manager and a Recruiter, allowing each person to play to their strengths in filling positions.

Determining your tolerance for risk as it relates to your income will either limit or increase the types of environments you are able to work in.  Each compensation level has its positives and negatives, but, if you want to increase your knowledge and income in the Recruiting Industry, you must be willing to assume a certain amount of risk. 

In other words, “no risk, no reward.”


Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


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