The Changing Role Of The Corporate Recruiter

This weekend in the Globe and Mail on the front of the business section was a small article about the stubborn U.S. jobless rate.  If you noticed the article, you would have viewed it as an indicator of the first signs that we are moving out of the “Information Age” and into the “Knowledge Economy”. This could be causing that ever talked about talent shortage we as recruiters have been preaching about for years.  Raghuram Rajan (a professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business) has summarized that the candidate pool we all are drawing from clearly lacks the experience for the higher-skilled jobs currently available.  The case the Globe and Mail used to demonstrate this theory was that a North Carolina based company has engineering positions that are simply going unfilled because of the lack of qualified applicants.  We, as Seasoned Recruiters will find that the way to success in the future will be to develop strategic partnerships with our clients in order to secure them the best talent available. 

In the past, organization’s internal Human Resource departments were viewed as the experts, providing ways to secure the top talent that organizations require to be successful.  Laws are challenged and interpreted to keep up with what is classified as intellectual property, public domain and employee / employer rights. Organizations will require Human Resources to keep up with these changes, dealing with ‘pure’ HR tasks. To remain competitive and to still provide Human Resources functions, Recruiting would need to be separated as a stand alone department. 

As a stand alone specialty, organizations will be turning to the true Recruiting Professional to come in house and provide them with expertise to source, qualify, build and maintain ongoing relationships with prospective talent.  Currently, organizations have been hiring Recruiters with a traditional education background in HR combined with limited exposure to recruiting in an agency environment.  This creates a hybrid Recruiter that fits under the HR umbrella.  

As the competition for talent becomes stronger, organizations are beginning to seek out pure Recruiting professionals that have a strong understanding of client development and management.  The ability to diplomatically and steadily push the hiring process from within while securing and maintaining top talent through non-traditional methods will be the key skills organizations will be requiring from their internal recruiters. 

The ideal Recruiters that will fit these positions are Recruiters that carry the responsibilities of a 360 desk.  A 360 Recruiter has been not only successful sourcing and developing relationships within their candidate pool, but they also have a thorough understanding that a successful partnership with the hiring manager is often a fragile relationship.  These relationships do not happen over night and they take significant amount of time to cultivate. They can easily be damaged when a hiring manager perceives they are being pushed to make a decision.  360 Recruiters have already demonstrated their ability to manage the end to end process, with the special care given to managing the candidate’s expectations and moving the client to close. 

If you are the Recruiter looking to make the leap from agency environment to corporate side, you will need to round out your experience. Consider searching out opportunities that will allow you to interact with clients, sourcing for very difficult skill sets and learning to close the candidate under any condition.  Learning these skills will definitely set you above other Recruiters.

As the Perfect Storm begins to come together, the Recruiters with the ability to manage both the hiring manager and the candidate will be the most sought after asset in the corporate recruiting environment.


Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


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