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As a seasoned Recruiter I have been extremely frustrated with how to practically apply the use of “Social Media” to my full desk environment.  The more times I posted positions to my LinkedIn signature, groups, et cetera the more silence I seem to have been creating.  As my frustration reached a point where shaking my computer was becoming a more and more viable option, Lea joined RBS Staffing Consultants, bringing her wealthy knowledge of “social media” with her. 

Recognizing my frustration Lea jumped in with both feet.  She diligently began researching, testing, applying and evaluating the correct “social media” tools that would assist us in reaching the Recruiter we needed to headhunt.  In addition to the changes she made to our LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, Lea discovered  Fascinated with a social network targeted at Recruitment Professionals, she began to see how we could implement it into our routine.

Lea began by taking the time to write a blog about what she was learning and publishing it to  Much to her delight not only do they review every blog posted for relevant content but they select her first blog to be featured.  Over the next couple of days she received emails thanking her for her insight and she noticed an increase in traffic to our site.  Digging further into the site she also found helpful discussions and videos she was able to use to refine her own process. 

Implementing her new found knowledge and recognizing the power of getting The RBS message out to our target audience of Recruitment Professionals, Lea advocated we become active members and publish regularly to  With a routine established we found our blogs gaining a following and our network of qualified Recruiters growing.

Interested in our message, Mile Jennings, COO of, took the time to reach out to me.  I shared with him how powerful we were finding the site; Not only for promoting our core business of Recruiting Recruiters but, the Jr. Recruiters we were mentoring had reported an increase in productivity from the blogs and tools we sending them directly from the site.  Miles suggested readers would be very interested in a blog about what they could expect from their own career in the industry. 

Following up on his suggestion the following Monday I published “The Life Span Of A Recruiter.”  Not expecting much response, featured the blog in their morning email.  Within the first hour, the emails began to flood my account.  Recruiters were taking notice, voicing their opinions and asking to speak with us about their careers.  Pleased with the email response alone, Lea and I sat back and marveled at the discussions appearing everywhere about the blog.  As the day wore on, our phones began to ring with inquiries from Recruitment Professionals about their careers and Staffing Agencies inquiring about our services.  For the next three days Lea and I did nothing but field calls and respond to emails. has taken the time to build value into their brand and site by: 

  • Understanding the core business for the recruitment industry and offering valuable insight and advice.
  • Reading all blogs to ensure the content is valuable to the recruitment community before publishing.
  • Featuring blogs that meet and address the needs of other Recruitment Professionals.

By developing an account and being an active member of, RBS Staffing Consultants is proud to say that in a couple of short weeks we have secured new clients and increased our pool of qualified Recruiter Professionals by 40%.  To date we have also closed one additional deal in August and have three more in our pipeline for September 2010.

The Recruiters we are coaching, now utilizing tools, videos and discussion forums, have also reported an increase in their own productivity by an average of 30%.

Thank you Miles and Slouch for going that extra distance and providing a site that truly address our concerns, needs and wants of the Recruitment Professional of today. 

Please keep up the great work!


Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


2 responses to “Do you know about

  1. Rebecca, thanks for the nice blog post! We’re glad to have you involved on RecruitingBlogs and look forward to your future posts and participation. Thanks again!

  2. You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material.

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