Aloha Friday from Recruiter’s Career Coach

Another summer week has rushed passed and we are hearing everyone is very busy closing deals!

We would like to send out our congratulations to:

* Bob – he started his new position with one of our tier one clients this week.

* Ryan – for sticking it out yet another week.

* Christina – for adding another 2 contractors.

* Lea – for sourcing, reference checking and signing her FIRST Tier one client for RBS Staffing in the Ottawa valley.

* Jim – for being our first guest blogger –

As we reach out to more and more of you this list will of course get longer – so watch for your name…and if you have something you want to share don’t wait for our call – CALL US and TELL US ABOUT IT.

With special thanks to Recruiting Blogs, for featuring our blogs in the 18% that were featured last month!! By featuring every one of our blogs, we received an overwhelming response. The most recent have of course generated the most noise in our industry. If you haven’t had a chance, give them a quick read – we would love your feedback.

Life Span of a Recruiter –
Hide and Go Seek –

Next week brings us one step closer to a September that is promising to be busier then any we have seen in the recent past. You are poised for success!!!

Don’t lose focus and if those pesky squirrels do become a true distraction drop us a line. Lea and I are always ready to help you trap them!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your SUCCESS!!!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND ~ We’ll see you ALL next week!

Lea and Rebecca
The Recruiter’s Career Coaches!


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