Come play the Recruitment Game …Part 2 of 2


After living in Boston for a number of years, you realize there is no way to escape becoming a Red Sox fan. I even began to blame the 86-year failure to win the World Series on the Curse of the Bambino like everyone else. However, in 2003, I became Account Manager for the Red Sox and was shown that their failure had been due, in part, to the location of their opponents. The teams were so spread out that the Sox frequently tired from traveling and became known for their inability to finish. When the league was restructured, they were finally capable of concentrating on their game and began playing each inning through to completion. 

Coming back to the article from last week, we are heading into the top of the fifth.  Remember to remain focused! Your client could throw a curve ball at any moment and you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. Assume that your client has an additional send-out at the last minute. These meet and greets need to be treated with respect or they could cost you the game. Here is your opportunity to prove your preparedness and walk up to bat knowing that you have covered everything with your candidate up until this point. 

You have discussed EVERYTHING, right? The counter offer was covered during the second inning along with all reference checks and closing your candidate to accept the offer. It is never too late to address these concerns but, if you are only covering these things for the first time at this stage of the game, you are running a serious risk of striking out and possibly losing. By paying attention and taking the time to cover all your bases during this inning, you are able to score more runs and position your team nicely for the innings that follow. 

As a fielder in the sixth inning, you are responsible for assisting your client by generating a written offer your candidate will accept, while working with your candidate so they understand what an offer worth accepting is. Once you have brought both parties to agreement you will get to enjoy coming out of the heat and off the field as your candidate accepts the offer. 

Going into the seventh you will be well positioned to assist your candidate with their resignation. It is always best to take the time to meet with your candidate after this as it offers the support they may require to handle any counter offers proposed to them.

The eighth inning can be the longest inning of the game. As Recruitment Professionals, we are driven by our sense of urgency and assisting our candidates through their notice period can be extremely difficult. Remaining in touch with them allows for you to catch all the balls hit. Especially those counter offers; remember they are not only offered on the day your candidate gives notice. A lot of employers use the two week resignation period as a time for convincing your candidate to stay. That employer has the advantage – your candidate’s full attention for 2 weeks, eight hours each day. Level the field and keep checking in. It will make the world of difference when you come up to bat and improve your chances of hitting a home run. On the start date you must know what time your candidate is to begin their day and what they will be doing.  Pass along all information to your candidate and answer any questions. You may hit a home run but, you must touch every base to truly score.

The ninth inning must not be left up to chance. The Red Sox learned this lesson in 2004.  Falling from the top ranks, they were forced to chase the wild card position. By losing their focus, they found themselves having to play harder and more games than their opponents. As a Recruitment Professional, you must not leave success to chance during your period of guarantee. Always play the game to the end. Never assume the win is yours until all innings have been played. Whether batting or fielding, it is your job to stay in touch and be proactive with your placements. Picking up the phone to say hello on a regular basis will ensure you win and that the next game will get you closer to your own World Series.

Identifying the inning you’re in and whether you are at bat or fielding will assist you in defining a strategy. This knowledge allows you to play to the best of your ability through to the end with dedication and passion.  By doing this, you separate yourself from the rest of the league. Only then can I promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams.

The Recruiting game can be applied to any sport.  I used Baseball because living in Boston provided me the opportunity to witness an entire city’s passion for their team – win or lose.  The same passion a Bostonian has for the Red Sox is the same passion I often encounter when coaching and placing seasoned recruitment professionals. What sport would you apply the recruiting game to and how does the recruitment process mirror that sport?


Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


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