Come play the Recruitment Game! (Part 1 of 2)

“We promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams” they say…

Successful veterans in the Recruitment Industry understand that placing candidates has similarities to any well played sports game.   Using Baseball as an example to draw a parallel to, you can quickly see the similarities.  Even though Recruiting and the game of Baseball are carried out everyday by people all over the world using the same basic rules, we can never guarantee the outcome will be exact, or even close.   

We all know that Baseball has nine innings.  During each inning, both teams have a chance to pitch and play the field, while the other team is at bat.  Score is determined by the amount of batters that hit the ball, run to touch all the bases and cross home plate safely.  When the batting team manages three outs, the teams will swap positions.  Depending on the team you are playing on or against, winning or losing can be easy or difficult. 

Believe it or not, the Recruitment Industry also has its own rules.  In Baseball, the rules not only ease the teaching of the sport but, also ensure that everyone learns to play the same game.  Rules are also put into place for the safety of players.   In the Recruitment Industry, many of the rules are meant to protect an individual’s reputation.  The Recruitment Professional choosing to treat their colleagues, candidates and clients with respect, dignity and honesty will have a productive career.  Those who ignore the rules will eventually run out of people that will play with them, forcing them to seek out an alternative sport to play. These rules are easy to follow if you want to attain a long and profitable career.

Even recruiting has its “nine innings”.

The first inning allows you and your client to assess each others skills.  While you are out in the field you are able to show your agility and instinctive response to their hits. This allows you the opportunity to sell the client on your services and skill level.  When it is your turn at bat, you hit and then run to cover all the bases.  At this stage you are setting expectations, completing contacts and validating all information to fill their requirement in a timely manner. This initial inning sets the tone and pace at which the rest of the game will be played. 

During the second inning, you will be in the field sourcing, screening and qualifying candidates.  This time at bat you will need to ensure you are prepared to hit the ball as many times as possible.  These hits allow you to reach the bases where you can validate or discount a candidate’s credentials.  Scoring three solid candidates will impress your client and colleagues alike.  If you are really good, securing one more candidate will of course guarantee you a Grand Slam.

Your pitching skills, during the third inning, will be your best asset.  As you are out in the field, these pitching skills provide an opportunity for you to present your candidates’ best curve ball, proving they stand head and shoulders above the competition.  When you come to bat, you will be excited to hit at everything your client throws at you.  By keeping the bases full as you book your send-outs, you will increase your chances of scoring and staying ahead in the game.

By the forth inning, both teams can start feeling confident with the rhythm of the game and feel that they can actuality predict the outcome.  As Recruiting Professionals in the field, we send our candidate in for their second interview and anticipate that our next turn at bat will be the negotiation phase of the game.   

Do we even need to play out the remainder of innings? 

Resting on tenure and experience can result in a fly ball being dropped or a surprise curve ball being missed.  Next week we’ll finish this game by covering all the bases right through to the bottom of the ninth.  We’ll show you how you can annihilate your competition by hitting a home run on a more regular basis and handling those last minute, unexpected curve balls.


Rebecca B. Sargeant

Recruiter’s Career Coach


2 responses to “Come play the Recruitment Game! (Part 1 of 2)

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  2. Richard Jurewicz

    Well ‘played’ blog! Can’t wait to hear how it ends up! Do we go into extra innings?

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