Who are the top performers in the Recruitment Profession?

When you have a top performer on your recruitment team, you know it. They are self motivated individuals that pick up the phone and close deals. They naturally have their eye on the overall target and quickly align their results with the organization’s bigger picture. Identifying these individuals can be done by clearly isolating and defining similar attributes each top performer possesses.

The first attribute by which you can identify a top performer is that they know what the results should be and they are always looking to improve on those results. When a top Recruitment Professional is presented with a new client or job order, they will quickly be aware of what the end result should be. If the result is not immediately obvious to them, they will focus on clearly defining it before they start. Consequently, these individuals excel at clearly defining the process with both clients and candidates. This defined process will afford them the forethought to quickly identify and address objections when they arise, furthering their ability to stay on course and close orders more effectively. Enabling themselves to close more deals effectively drives them to also be persistently seeking to improve upon the outcome. If things went well, they want to know why, so they can repeat the same strategy next time. If things did not go well, they will also want to know about it, so they can correct that shortcoming in the future.

Another attribute is they “will find a way.” The word “NO” is not part of their everyday vocabulary. They will go over and under, through or around the barriers they meet to successfully complete their set task. They are not robots following blind orders; they are using their intelligence to find a way to overcome the obstacles. Sometimes the barriers are considerable indeed, but the measure of the top performer is their ability to get the result. Top Recruitment Professionals tend to gravitate to larger and more complex challenges. You will find them handling the most difficult clients or filling the orders other recruiters have judged as ‘to difficult’. Starting early, staying late and going the extra mile is not a stretch for these individuals. The prestige of having the bragging rights to being the one overcoming the largest obstacles is their drive.

The third attribute is their constant awareness of, and interest in, the measure of their results. Ask any of these individuals what results they have achieved in the past and you will get a clear statement from them immediately. They don’t have to think about it and they never forget it. They are actually proud to tell you about the client they recovered or the order they filled that no else would attempt.

These key attributes stretch across all Top Performers in all divisions and sectors in the Recruitment Industry. As a Business Owner or Manager, understanding these attributes will allow you to attract, retain and engage these individuals. Hiring more top performers to your team will decrease the time you will need to actively manage and increase your overall profitability.

Can you identify the top performer(s) on your recruitment team?

Have A Great Week!

Rebecca B. Sargeant

The Recruiter’s Career Coach


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